Poetry Bleeds Rust

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Meg will be showing two pieces in the International Encasutic Artists show “Poetry Bleeds Rust” at the N.A.W.A. Gallery in New York City October 1-29, 2014.

This is a materials-based show, and the work in will feature rust, which complements encaustic beautifully. When exposed to water, whether as rain, fog, or dew, iron will oxidize into iron oxide, which is rust. From one point of view, that of the aesthete undefinedrust is beautiful. Yet it also a poignant reminder that everything is changing, decaying, leaving us no firm place to stand. From a more positive point of view, the nature of rust also assures us that because everything changes, anything is possible. Deeply understanding the nature of rust gives us the opportunity to embrace the truth of all things. Transformation is not only possible but inevitable.

80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1405
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212.675.1616

The National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), founded in 1889, is the oldest professional women’s fine arts organization in the United States, continually providing a forum for women artists to share ideas and exhibit their work. The organization has been promoting and nurturing the work of professional women artists, sponsoring local and national exhibitions, offering merit prizes, lectures and special events for its 850+ membership, and hosting ongoing exhibitions at its headquarters address in NYC.

Gentle Breeze blowing through a tree

Gentle Breeze Silence


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